First Week – Time to Relax!

We have Kleared out and Kleared off. Our life for the next 6 months are living out of these 2 backpacks, 5kgs, that’s it.

After our 11 hour flight into Cancun, we landed, hopped on a bus down route 307 to Playa del Carmen where we set up our first week of residency in Latin America.

After working very hard throughout December, we needed this downtime to unwind and chill out. Me DJ-ing all the hours God sent in the New Forest, finding flood waters and fallen trees on the drive home at 2am before getting up for the day job again at 7am! Ruth translating right up to Christmas Eve and before departure. We needed this break, this week in the sun.

It rained. For 5 out of the 7 days in Playa del Carmen. Which was not that fun, but we did manage to swim in the Caribbean sea on those 2 nice hot days, got the tan started, then shopped and ate good food on and off the tourist trail. Whilst it was raining, we generally hung out our Posada (hostel) or went to the shopping mall.

Turns out we didn’t take that many photos of the rain, so just a few little snapshots of our first week…

Our mission was to relax and recharge. Mission accomplished. Next Stop Mérida…Mayan Country…


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