Piñata fun

Mike’s birthday fell the day after he and Dan arrived to meet us in Mérida, and having only 5kg of hand luggage, we weren’t in a position to be bringing any pressies over, so wandering around the city on our first day, we thought, hey, when in Mexico…. and bought a piñata. But not just any piñata, we bought a blue crepe paper, shaped like Cookie Monster, size-of-a-small-child piñata from an actual piñata shop (can you believe that’s a thing?) and filled it with sweets and party blowers and puzzles and suchlike. I was a bit nervous about following piñata-man’s instructions of “just cut a hole in its head and stuff the sweets in”, so not wishing to decapitate the poor thing, I got him to do it for me, and he was good as new.

Getting him back walking through the town wasn’t really practicable (with added candy, now the size AND weight of a small child) so we ended up giving Cookie Monster the front seat in a taxi and travelled back in style.

We successfully managed to hide it from Mike until the last minute, whereupon we hung it from a hook in the house that simply must have been made for the purpose, before whacking the crap out of it and feasting on all the sugar.  


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