Mexico City: art, culture, food and friends

After a week relaxing at Mike and Dan’s apartment and exploring Guadalajara, Dan drove us the 11 hours to Mexico City via Guanajuato. I went trigger happy as soon as we left as it was a sunny day and there were a lot of colourful photo opportunities along the way.

We arrived to hugs and hellos from Mike’s friends Kiko and Eefke at the real ale bar we met them in, literally out of the car and into the bar, we were knackered but glad to arrive safely and meet our landlord for the next few nights. They sold Duff beer!

We were up and about early the next day as I was keen to see the Frida Kahlo museum which is also the house she grew up in. It was a fascinating place full of many artefacts and original art work by both Frida & Diego. I loved the kitchen in particular and Ruth was in her element.

Following this trip, we were invited to the beautiful home of one of Ruth’s colleagues for lunch, but it was much more than lunch, we were spoilt for choice and every dish was simply delicious from the chicken mole to the spaghetti dish, plus a sesame seed and cranberry salad. Hats off to Beverley (Tony’s wife) who put so much effort into the food and to making us feel very welcome the whole time we were there. We really did have a lovely time, took many pictures of the skyline, living on the 16th floor gives you that wonderful perspective. Tony came out with us for a few beers in the evening which was a nice way to round off the day.

Our final two days in Mexico City included trips to sushi bars, the cinema and a few other bars, enjoying our friends’ company before the next step on our journey. We rounded it off with one last plate of tacos before the night flight to La Paz via Lima and Santa Cruz…


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