Valle de la Luna, Bolivia: an otherwordly escape from the city

I’d not heard of this place before arriving in Bolivia, but the “Valley of the Moon” was highly recommended by many tourist sites (pah, tourists!) such as Trip Advisor and the like. We took the 20-odd minute mini bus ride from San Francisco Plaza to this extraordinary landscape on the outskirts of town. Stepping off the bus into a misty air, we initially walked right past the entrance whilst trying to fight with ponchos, bought by my mother in the UK, as the rain started to fall. Without paying attention, we wandered onto what looked like a housing estate still in development stages, during which time the ponchos lost the fight and inevitably ended up in the bin as we had not aired them out since Mexico and were rather pungent by this time (sorry mum!)

Anyway, I digress, after finding the entrance on the second attempt, we paid the mere 30Bs entry fee (about £3 each) and trundled down the first rocky path signposted 45 min hike. 45 MINUTES?! I was out of breath just reading the sign! Ho hum, off we went to this fascinating part of La Paz which seemed like a million miles away from the smog filled capital we left not 30 mins ago. We hiked up and down some very uneven paths when it dawned on me….

“This place looks like the Moon” I said.
“Duh” was Ruth’s reply.
I kept my thoughts to myself for the rest of the hike.

We did see some interesting rock formations and great views of the city behind us, the weather was not on our side for the most part but the rain eventually held off and we got some nice shots of the area. After completing the 45 minute trek which took more like an hour, some bright spark suggested we went on the 20 min trek too, so we puffed, panted and realised how unfit we were once more round this unusual natural attraction.

But no regrets here…highly recommended visit if ever in La Paz.


One thought on “Valle de la Luna, Bolivia: an otherwordly escape from the city

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