Crazy Food Chronicles Volume 2: Bolivia

It doesn’t take long travelling in Bolivia before you learn that La Paz is famous for having the world’s highest pretty-much-everything. One such example we found in La Paz is the world’s highest curry house called The Star of India, and, more for the fact that we’d gone about 2 months without any Indian food (unheard of for most Brits) than the desire to break any records, we decided to give it a go.

The restaurant itself didn’t blow me away… I could have been in any curry house, anywhere in the UK, after all it was a curry house and many popular curries are thought to have been invented in the UK, not India. So technically it was a British Indian Curry House. But that’s just nit-picking.

The service was nothing spectacular but I have come to learn that we gringos have different expectations of service levels in restaurants/cafes/shops etc, and these are rarely met in Bolivia. Our best advice is to smile anyway, suck it up and say to yourself: TIB baby (This Is Bolivia).

Back to the curry, what’s this on the menu? Llama curry? It would be rude not to, right? Of course!

Llama curry arrived in a rich spicy Rogan Josh-style sauce with lashings of rice, raita and poppadoms, lovingly prepared to order. This was a tender meat with similarities to lamb, full of flavour and spices which accompanied the meat perfectly.

You can buy T-Shirts saying you’ve eaten at the world’s highest curry house for about £5 each, you can even earn free one if you manage to finish the World’s Hottest (and Highest…obviously) Vindaloo. Allegedly, only a handful of people have managed this feat, and we are not among them.

So which would you rather eat, llama curry or a big bag o’ Mexican crickets? Peru is up next, we’ll give you another culinary marvel next month!


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