5 reasons to come to Sucre, Bolivia

Look up any travel blog on Sucre and you will see why many travellers plan on visiting and end up staying. They will tell you about the beautiful architecture, proud history, and quality Spanish schools. They will tell you how comparatively safe and pleasant it is in Sucre compared to other cities in Bolivia. And they would be bang on the money. For all these reasons and more, we chose Sucre as the place where we would settle down to work and study for several weeks, and we definitely made the right choice.

We hadn’t heard much about the place before (which, being the constitutional capital of Bolivia is a little embarrassing) but a good poke around online showed us this was the place for us, and within a week, we were settled. Not convinced? Check out our top five reasons to stick around in Sucre:

Firstly, what a good looking town! Sucre is full of colonial buildings and a clamber up to the roof of any tall enough church or hostel will reward you with views like these:

Secondly, what a cheap place to live! After a few days wandering in search of ‘for rent’ signs by day and staying in a hotel by night, we eventually plumped for a guesthouse-type establishment which works as a hostel but also makes arrangements for long term stays. Being right near the centre the location was perfect, and we had a tiny self-contained flat and access to a rooftop terrace with great views over the city.

Thirdly, learn some lingo. James had been very keen to get some Spanish under his belt, and while getting along with just English is fairly doable in Mexico, Bolivia is a different story, and we both felt frustrated that James wasn’t getting as much out of communicating as he could. We did some research on Spanish schools and tried a couple, but in the end we plumped for Continental Spanish School, which we found to be friendly, enthusiastic, and very conversation-focussed. Within days he was doing the shopping in the Mercado Central without a care in the world! The school’s programme also included fun activities to make friends, like this cooking class we attended:

Fourthly, dip your toe into rural Bolivia. We went on a two day trek while we were here and stayed overnight in the middle of the Crater of Maragua. We were only a few hours out of town but the scenery and peacefulness made us feel light years away….more on that in a future post!

Finally, if nothing else, come here to eat. After the great food we’d had all over Mexico, Bolivia’s food had seemed plentiful and filling, but rather ho hum. Sucre is chock-a-block with great places to eat, from French cuisine to fresh ice cream, and if we were just getting into TripAdvisor before, this place got us obsessed.

It’s the variety of food, entertinment, and daily life that we appreciated more than anything else, and the endless choice of places to go along with influences from various expats are keenly enjoyed by gringos and Bolivians alike.  Still not sure if Sucre’s for you? Check out posts coming soon about our day to day life here, as well as such asweome attractions as the Dinosaur Park and the one and only Carnaval, and in the meantime, ask us anything…


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