Goodbye, grey skies, hello blue! Holi Colour Festival in Sucre

Our first week and a half in Sucre followed on with the gloomy feelings we must have carried with us from La Paz; the weather was just as rubbish, the cold rainy season continued and within a short while, we were thinking of moving on to Peru sooner rather than later. What grumpy gringos we were!

We stumbled across a new blog site called, full of events, places to eat, and useful tips if staying long term in Sucre. We noticed an event happening on one of the weekends leading up to Carnaval, a mini “Holi” type festival (Indian tradition throwing powder paint at each other… why in Bolivia? Why not!)

The event was happening at a private residence and tickets had to be bought in advance, which we did and had an absolute blast. The sun was blazing for the first time since we arrived in Sucre, improving everyone’s moods by far, a DJ and live band were playing and the party took place in a huge garden. It wasn’t long before the powdered paint was being mixed with water, and in some cases beer, to colour in all the gringos as you can see:

Did I mention the pool? It was beautifully clear for the first 30 minutes after we arrived, then drunk party goers dived in and it turned into a shade of black that I’d never seen before!

This colour festival certainly was one of our highlights from our Sucre trip, including meeting with two of the nicest people we encountered whilst travelling, Brig and Dan who run the Sucre Life website. Ruth had been tweeting them earlier in the week so it was nice to meet them in person.  We spent a happy afternoon sharing travel stories and they became our partners in crime, trying out different restaurants with us (check out their post on La Taverne) and hanging out in and beyond Sucre.

This blazing hot day was a complete turnaround for us and we were so glad we decided to give Sucre another chance…


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