Sucre: Highlights, Hotspots and Hangouts

On one of the last days in Sucre, we took our time strolling round this city we’d grown to love, taking some simple snapshots to remind us of our favourite places, places that will stay with us for a long time to come.

As we’ve said before, Sucre took a little time to grow on us. But once we’d settled in, we never looked back. It was a lovely city with plenty of colour and hangout spots off the beaten track. Here are my top recommendations for things to do that don’t cost a lot, help you to meet Bolivians and gringos alike, and generally let you feel a bit more at home.

Just walking round the central Plaza 25 de Mayo and watching the world go by in the hot sunshine was a great place to pass a lazy afternoon and practice some español.

We found ourselves going back time and time again to several cafes and restaurants – a particular favourite was a certain café on Calle Bolivar called Florín, a great central meeting point with good food, drinks and super-fast wifi (rare in Bolivia!!)

The Joyride Café is gringo heavy, with very expensive food and drinks aimed at making Sucre easier for the tourist, however Joyride did have a great cinema upstairs (for just 15bs – £1.50 pp) showing a film a night, including The Devil’s Miner which is a documentary film about a 14 year old boy working in the silver mine of Potosí. This was such an eye opener before we headed out to experience it first hand for ourselves. They also show classic Hollywood films such as Pulp Fiction, Life of PiThe Artist & Edward Scissorhands amongst others. Their tagline is “Not Just for Gringos” … yeah right!


Sucre does have a main cinema complex* with a 2 for 1 offer each week, showing the latest Hollywood releases, and we regularly splashed out the 25bs (£2.50) for 2 tickets and chomped our way through a popcorn/coke combo. We caught films such as The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, 12 Years a Slave, Grudge Match and Blue Jasmine. We’ve probably been to the cinema more times in the last 3 months than we have in the 4 years we’ve been dating!!

Sadly, the cinema was closed on the morning we walked down, so this is the best picture we could grab!

*Info C/O


Ah, Para Ti, I will miss you the most I think! The fanciest chocolate shop, (with a café on the next block), that we’d come across. Polite staff and some of the smoothest, sexiest chocolate ever to tickle our taste buds! We probably spent more money here than at any other retail outlet in Sucre!

Finally, living in a “self catering” style guest house, we often cooked at home and we sparked up a friendly relationship with some of the market vendors who always greeted us with a smile and gave us a few freebies with each purchase. Nearly every day we’d nip down and get a few fresh salad bits or some nuts and seeds to make a nice healthy salad lunch, as Lord knows they don’t do many veggies when you eat out here, mainly meat, potato, rice and pasta!! Starch central.

We loved our time here, it certainly became a city which we grew to love, made some nice friends, met some interesting people and discovered a little gem of a town in South America. Last stops in Bolivia are Potosi and Uyuni before crossing the border into Peru.

Goodbye Sucre!!

The last look down our road to the Plaza 25 de Mayo

The last look down our road to the Plaza 25 de Mayo


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